Erik Ramstad Middle School

Project Overview

Erik Ramstad Middle School is located in Minot, North Dakota. School includes a classroom wing, gymnasium, natatorium, cafeteria, kitchen, science classroom laboratories, art room, music room, weight room, FCS, and shop.

HVAC system designed: VAVs with hydronic reheat coils, supplied by variable volume air handler.

Developed high energy efficiency system:

    • Hydronic heating system is a low temperature system, enabling maximum energy efficiency from the boilers.
    • Heat recovery chiller was provided to recover waste heat from the chilled water system.
    • Rejected heat from the cooling system is used to heat the swimming pool.
    • Ventilation air is tempered with heat recovery units.
    • Rejected heat from walk-in cooler and freezer is captured.

Ramstad Middle School is part of the Minot Public School System.


Services Provided

Industry Sector