Sustainable Design

Western Area Water Supply Authority (WAWSA) | Williston, ND

Responsible energy use and energy management is a key part of any successful project. We strive to design the most energy efficient and lowest life cycle cost systems that can fit within a project budget. Our engineers routinely utilize energy recovery to capture and use the energy that normally would be lost.


Our plumbing fixtures reduce the amount of water consumed in daily operations. Water efficiency is a top priority in our design. We look at what local water resources are available, the building requirements and overall landscape to make decisions about how to increase water efficiency. Our engineers look for ways to reduce water use in the project design. These include low-flow and no-flow plumbing fixtures within a building facility.

Plumbing engineering services


Many of our projects have harnessed energy stored in the earth through the use of geothermal systems. We analyze the site of your building to see if it is suitable for this type of system. Factors like local geology, hydrology and available land play a big role in whether a geothermal system can be used. Heat pump systems can significantly reduce energy consumption compared to standard heating/air-conditioning equipment.

Geothermal engineering services


Lighting systems are designed with energy conservation in mind, and lighting controls illuminate spaces only when occupied. In fact, our lighting designs routinely beat the allowable IECC power densities by more than 10%.

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Energy Analysis/Energy Audit

Our team has the ability to evaluate the energy consumed by a building or facility. Using computer modeling technology, we can predict how a building will perform throughout every season of the year. The building models we develop can be used with existing facilities to identify areas where cost savings can be achieved through improvements.

Energy Analysis/Energy Audit engineering services

The engineering practices we have developed over the last 30+ years have earned LEED and Energy Star recognition on a number of our designs.